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Order and Delivery Information

Your order transactions will not start until you receive an e-mail confirming your order.

Therefore, first wait for the confirmation message or for customer services to call you. The purchases you make from will be provided and shipped after the confirmation e-mail is received, provided that the bank confirmation of the order is received properly.

If the order you placed is not in stock, the order can be canceled or the product can be replaced with another product according to the customer's request, after a conversation with the buyer and LATIKA silver customer services.

Orders shipped to the customer reach the customer within 1-3 business days for Istanbul and major cities, and within 1-5 business days for distant cities and towns.

Orders placed after 17:00 will be processed the next day.

Orders placed on holidays and Sundays will be processed on the first business day after the holiday and Sunday.

There is no shipping fee for purchases of 100 TL and above. For orders under 100 TL, a fixed shipping fee of 5 TL for all Turkey is added to the sales price.

All the products you order will be gift-wrapped in special boxes and shipped. Gift wrapping is free. If you wish, you can personally pick up the products you ordered from our Istanbul Bakırköy store.

To resolve your problems and questions regarding your order, simply send an e-mail to customer service representatives. You can also reach our customer representative at 0212 660 42 24 between 09:00 - 19:00 on weekdays. Necessary evaluations will be made and information about the solution will be delivered to you as soon as possible.