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Moon Stone Necklace 925 Sterling Silver

Moon Stone Necklace 925 Sterling Silver

  • 82999TL

Metal: 925 sterling silver Handcrafted Necklace

Genuine Moonstone and Aquamarine Stones Are Used.

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1-In terms of its properties, it acts as a shield against negative energies and protects the person from negative energies.

2- It has a balancing effect on yin and yang.

3-It gives the person the joy of life.

4-It ensures that our dreams remain in our memory and are remembered more clearly.

5-It strengthens our immune system.

6-It is useful against our kidney diseases.

7-It gives us a feeling of fullness and, accordingly, helps us lose weight.

8-It balances women's menstrual cycles and is said to be good for disorders caused by their sexual organs. It is known that it is good for infertility in women.

9-It is good for cramps, leg and back pain.

10-It is said to relieve birth pain.

11-It ensures the renewal of cells and is good against aging.

12-Provides protection against evil eye.

13-It gives the person sympathy.

14-It provides emotional balance and is good for the ego.

15-It is known to strengthen intuition and communication.

16-It increases harmony between lovers and married couples

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