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Oyster Pearl Necklace, Vip Pearl Rose Collection Swarovski

  • 65885TL

Oyster Pearl Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated Necklace.

Real and natural pearl coming out of a real oyster shell.

Heart Gift Box

3 very special Swarovski Stone Necklaces and the Real Pearl You Will Take Out of an Oyster for the First Time

Specially for this year, a heart-shaped necklace designed by Vip İnci, with 3 Swarovski stones on it.

Your lover will take the pearl out of the oyster himself for the first time and place it inside the pendant.

There is 1 pearl inside the oyster.

White…Wisdom, Cream…Success, Peach…Health, Purple…Wealth, Black…Love.

It will be shipped on the same day, delivered to all parts of Turkey by Domestic Cargo, and abroad by UPS Cargo within 1-2 business days. It will be sent as a gift to the person you want.

If you wish, you can see and buy the product live in our Istanbul Store.


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A wonderful Valentine's Day gift

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